III Semester M.A./M.Sc/ M.Com./MCJ/M.S.W./MLISc/M.Ed. Degree Examination- University of Kerala

No. CSS/A cad2l 17 07 12017
Last date: 07th November, 2017
E-mail :ku.controller@yahoo.in

One of the first 16 Universities in India, the University of Kerala was founded as the University of Travancore in the erstwhile princely state of Travancore (now southern part of Kerala and some neighbouring parts of state of Tamilnadu) in 1937. During the 7 decades since the University of Kerala grew and shrunk physically and transformed itself in many ways. It is difficult to summarise what the Kerala University is in a brief space. The earliest origins of the University may be traced back to two institutions of modern learning in Kerala, the University College, Thiruvananthapuram and the Trivandrum Observatory. The University College was initially founded as the Maharaja &rsquo’s Free School by Maharaja Swathi Thirunal in 1834, with Mr John Roberts. A Christian Missonary as Headmaster, and soon grew into a college in 1866, affiliated to the Madras University. When the University of Travancore was founded, the Departments of the college became the University Departments, only to switch back again when the transformation to University of Kerala happened in 1957.

M.Com./1VI.CJ./M.S.W./1VI.L.I.Sc. and M.Ed.Degree Programmes in the University teaching
department s (20 I 6 -2A1 7)during November 20 17 –reg:
It is hereby notified for the information of all concerned that the III Semester examinations of
M.A./1VI.Sc./ M.Com./UI.CJ.iM.S.W./1VI.L.I.Sc. and M.Ed. Degree Programmes in the University
teaching departments (2016-2018 batch) will be conducted according to the schedule given below.


  • The Head of all Departments
  • The Vice-Chairman, Academic Committee for CSS
  • The P.S. to the Vice-Chancellor
  • The P.S. to the Pro-Vice-Chancellor
  • The P.A. to the Registrar,/Finance Officer/Controller of Examinations
  • The P.R.O. ( for issuing a press release to all newspapers )
  • Reception Officer
  • File copy

The University has also a number of study centres in specialised areas such as Nano-technology, Kerala Studies, Bioinformatics, Womens Studies, Learning Difficulties, Sree Narayana Studies, Gandhian Studies etc. Some of these centres have taught programmes (Certificate/Diploma/Masters/Mphil) and many offer PhD programmes. The University has also established 10 University College of Teacher Education (UTEC) and 8 University Institute of Technologies (UIT) both of which offer under-graduate programmes (BEd in UTECs and BSc Computer Science/IT, Electronics/BBA in UITs), although masters programmes are available in select UITs.

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