First Semester LL.M., Fourth Semester LL.M., First Semester MBL and Third Semester MBL Degree Examinations

Ref: 1. U.O. No. Ac.AIII/3/24538/LLM/2017 dated 30.08.2017
2. U.O. No M&C I.2/1701/2014 dated 19.09.2014

It is hereby notified for the information of all concerned that the last date for submitting application in the University Office along with the prescribed fee for the following LLM and MBL LM and MBL LM and MBL Degree Examination Degree Examination Degree Examinations, October/November 2017 October/November 2017 are as detailed be l ow:

Last date for submitting application in the University Office:
31st October, 2017

Last date for submitting LLM (Fourth Semester) Diss Last date for submitting LLM (Fourth Semester) Dissertation to the University is on on to the University is on
16.11.2017. 16.11.2017. 2004, 2009, 2010 and 2011 admission candidates of LL.M. can apply for Mercy ly for Mercy Chance Examination by remitting Rs.2000/- as additional Mercy Chance fee.

Copy to:

  • The P.R.O./Reception Officer.
  • The Principal, Law Colleges
  • P.S to V.C./ P.V.C.
  • P.A. to C.E / Registrar / F.O.
  • J.R Exams./D.R.- Exams/A.R- Exams
  • EG –I (a) Section (a) Section (a) Section/ M&C/EK I/EB I Section/EF – V Section
  • Form Section/ Cash Section/Central Tapal
  • Audit / Exam. Store / C.D. Unit/AR QPR.
  • Stock File & File Copy

The University has also a number of study centres in specialised areas such as Nano-technology, Kerala Studies, Bioinformatics, Womens Studies, Learning Difficulties, Sree Narayana Studies, Gandhian Studies etc. Some of these centres have taught programmes (Certificate/Diploma/Masters/Mphil) and many offer PhD programmes. The University has also established 10 University College of Teacher Education (UTEC) and 8 University Institute of Technologies (UIT) both of which offer under-graduate programmes (BEd in UTECs and BSc Computer Science/IT, Electronics/BBA in UITs), although masters programmes are available in select UITs. The University College of Engineering at Karyavattom offers Engineering Education at Undergraduate level. These institutions together have student strength of more than 5000.

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