Bharathidasan Engineering College, Nattrampalli

Bharathidasan Engineering College,
M.G.R Nagar, K.Bandarapalli,
Nattrampalli, Vellore District.
Tamil Nadu- 635 852.

As you may be aware of Bharathidasan Engineering College being managed by KTA & GRS Educational Trust, is the Corporate Social Responsibility arm of BEC Group which is committed to community service in the fields of Education, Health and Livelihood. The Foundation established Bharathidasan Engineering College (BEC) in the year 2002 with the objective of bring superior Technical Education to the doorsteps of the rural youth in the North western Districts of Tamilnadu. Since than Bharathidasan Engineering College has grown exponentially and has found a place not only among the best technical institutions in the state of Tamilnadu, but in the country at large.
I feel it will be certainly useful for those students and staff who work to join and build our institution to become one of the finest institutions and also help to excel.
On behalf of our trustees, I assure the readers that whatever presented in the web portal is true to the best of my knowledge.

Course offered:
Civil Engineering:
Considered as one of the oldest Engineering disciplines, Civil Engineering involves Planning, Designing and Executing Structural Works. With the development of society and because of technological advancement, demand for Civil Engineering graduates is increasing. It is expected that Civil Engineer jobs will increase faster than average. More Civil Engineer will be needed to design and build things as the population grows. For example, they will need to fix and replace buildings and roads as they continue to become old, unsafe, and worn out.
Civil Engineering is the broadest of the Engineering Fields. Civil Engineering focuses on the infrastructure of the world which include Water Works, Sewers, Dams, Power Plants, Transmission Towers / Lines, Railroads, Highways, Bridges, Tunnels, Irrigation Canals, River Navigation, Shipping Canals, Traffic Control, Mass Transit, Airport Runways, Terminals, Industrial Plant Buildings, Skyscrapers, etc. Among the important subdivisions of the field are Construction Engineering, Irrigation Engineering, Transportation Engineering, Soils and Foundation Engineering, Geodetic Engineering, Hydraulic Engineering and Coastal and Ocean Engineering.

Computer Science Engineering:
The Department of Computer Science & Engineering has excellent infrastructure to offer high quality education & training to students through latest trends in Computer Technology. The department strives to keep pace with the growing technology by conducting seminars, technical discussions and lectures by eminent people from IT industry. The Department speciliases on networks and security issues, TCP/IP design and implementation, compilers, NLP, Graphics and Multimedia, Advanced data bases, Software testing, C# and .Net, Web design, advanced java programming etc.
The students of Department have brought out quite member of innovative projects based on Networking and System Oriented.The Software team of department has made laudable contribution by developing software for campus management, attendance help line and on-line test. Many of the students are well placed in leading software companies.
Hence, we have a unique motto that is to provide a quality learning environment, in terms of inspiring teachers, state-of-the-art facilities, experience sharing and widening the knowledge horizon, interacting with experts from academic and industry, facilitating the student in the process of growth in the computer field.

Electrical and Electronics Engineering:
The BEC has been galloping in the field of modern education day by day. We know the pulse of the times and innovate accordingly. There has been never ending perennial inquiry about EEE. We never disappointment the seekers of knowledge. The EEE course will commence from this academic year and add to the laurels of the college. Come and reap the fruits of knowledge in this competitive atmosphere. You are sure to excel your counter parts and we are sure you will be a shade ahead of others in this field. We never boast. Our results are our proof.

Electronics & Communication Engineering:
This highly popular programme finds application in all human endeavors and train students in broad areas of Embedded Systems, Communication Engineering, Networking, Digital Signal Processing and Medical Electronics. Our goal is to provide quality education and up to date information of the students, so that they find place in the fast changing profile of the industry. Our main aim is to propagate and disseminate knowledge in Electronics and Communication Engineering discipline to the society, through the student and faculty, to encourage students to serve social causes by Application of their specialized knowledge paving way for better life of humanity, to promote the concept of life long learning among faculty members.

Mechanical Engineering:
The Mechanical Engineering department from the day of its inception it has been taking long strides in the field of Science and Engineering. One of the oldest and active department, it anticipated the rapid developments in technology and software and provided the most sophisticated lab facilities and excellent infrastructure. The students are trained in various aspects of mechanical engineering to meet out the needs of today’s industries with the help of well qualified dedicated and enthusiastic teaching staff.
Mechanical Engineering is one of the Largest, Broadest and Oldest engineering Disciplines. Mechanical Engineers use the principles of Energy, Materials and Mechanics to design and manufacture machines and devices of all types. They create the processes and systems that drive technology and industry.
The key characteristics of the profession are its breadth, flexibility and individuality. The career paths of Mechanical Engineers are largely determined by individual choices, a decided advantage in a changing world. Mechanics, Energy and Heat, Mathematics, Engineering Sciences, Design and Manufacturing form the foundation of Mechanical Engineering. Mechanics includes fluids, ranging from still water to hyper sonic gases flowing around a space vehicle; it involves the motion of anything from a particle to a machine.

Information Technology:
The growing of use of Information and Communication Technology and its tools in the field of education has seen tremendous growth in the recent past. Technology has entered the class room in a big way to become part of a teaching and Learning process.
The web has rendered knowledge ubiquitous and has created a unique playing field where the small and the smart enterprises can indeed challenge the large and mighty in this “Green Globe”. Here it is vital for students to understand technology, be able to use information as a strategic resource, and develop competencies which are unique and difficult to replicate.
All necessary laboratories for Programming, Data Structure, RDBMS, Graphics and Multimedia, P.C. Hardware, Internet Browsing etc are fully established. The Multimedia Lab is well equipped with web camera in all the systems to facilitate video conferencing. About 300 PC systems, a number of them higher end Pentium IV systems, with 8 IBM and Acer Servers cater to the computing needs of the different departments. A research Laboratory with 30 Acer PCs with 2.8 Mhz processor and an IBM Dual Xeon Processor Server is a new addition to help final year students to carry out their projects within the Campus.

Post Graduate:

  • Applied Electronics
  • Thermal Engineering
  • Computer Science & Engineering
  • Power System &Drives

The Library of Bharathidasan Engineering College has set a vision to satisfy the reader community needs. Our spacious library, the seat of knowledge, entertains and evokes enthusiasm among the students with interesting collection of books a variety of journals are also within reach to assimilate and enhance awareness.

Air conditioned internet centre with 2Mbps wireless dedicated line with high end computers are provide for the stduents use. The campus is fully connected with intranet facility. Staffs and students are provided to access the internet.

A canteen is functioning within the premises of the college to serve hygienically prepared food to the staff and students. A subsidized mess is also operative in the campus. A separate mess for boys has been provided

There are separate hostel for Boys and Girls. Hygeneric food and surroundings add to the efficiency of hostlers.Tutors in the hostel help weak students to equip themselves with difficult subjects.It is a perfect home away from their homes where they never become homesick.

We have over 240 Pentium IV computers, which are fully networked and have the latest software.  The computer centre is fully air conditioned with adequate UPS backup, having covered area of more than 15000 sq.ft and has internet facilities through 2mbps leased line with VSNL and localloop by RailTel Corp.
The microwave lab is well equipped with all required equipments like klystron power supplies, microwave trainer kits, directional couplers etc.

We have separate play ground for cricket, footbaal, voleyball & Athletic Track for conducting extra caricular activities and Sports. The students of our college participate in all levels of Sports conducted.

A full fledged Transport department functions in the college with buses to provide transport facility to students and staff from various places. This service is offered ensuring a hassle-free and safe transportation.
The College runs 5 buses for providing transport facility to students from various places in the town. The number of buses will be increased corresponding to the increase in the intake of students.

A modern and huge auditorium has been built to host all the programs. The auditorium block also has facilities for computer applications.

Seminar Hall:
A Technical Seminar hall has been built to conducted all types of seminars. The Seminar hall also has facilities for internet for online classes.The Seminar Hall has audio and projection facilities for effective audiovisual demonstration lectures and also for conducting mini conferences.

Placement at BEC:
The alumni association is active in promoting interactions and camaraderie among the alumni, staff and the management. This association strengthens the bond of friendship between the college and its old students, who will occupy lofty position in their life.
Students and faculty manage the Placements Cell as a collaborative effort as communication lines are kept open in regards to potential job opportunities for students.

In addition to the academic programmes, students are encouraged to participate in extracurricular activities like sports, games, Nation service scheme etc.,Recreation and sports are also as necessary as studies.To help the students show their extra curricular talents and also give a credit to the achievements, a cultural fiesta is organized. Students are encouraged to display their extra curricular talents.BEC offers 6 undergraduate courses and 4 postgraduate courses. Guest Lectures, Seminars, Inplant Training and Industrial Visits are an integral module of all courses.

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