Fourth Semester MBA (2014 Scheme – Full Time (including UIM) – Regular (Evening) – Travel & Tourism) Degree Examination


CE/200/0 CE/200/08/2017

It is hereby notified for the information of all concerned that the last date for online registration along with the prescribed fee for the Fourth Semester MBA (2014 Semester MBA (2014 Scheme – Scheme –Regular & Supplementary ular & Supplementary ular & Supplementary -Full Time (including UIM Full Time (including UIM Full Time (including UIM)/Regular (Evening)/Travel & /Regular (Evening)/Travel & Tourism) Degree Examination, September 2017 Tourism) Degree Examination, September 2017 is as detailed below.

Date of Commencement of Examination:
20th September, 2017

Detailed Time Table will be published in the University Office, Information Centres, Examination Centres and in the University Web site. Candidates registering for the examination should remit a fee of Rs.230/-(CV Camp fee-Rs.200/-+ Online Registration fee Rs.30/-) in addition to the normal examination fee.

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  • The P.R.O./Reception Officer.
  • The Principals.
  • P.S to V.C./P.V.C.
  • P.A. to C.E / Registrar / F.O.
  • J.R Exams./D.R – VI Exams/A.R Exams
  • IT Cell/ EB I Section/EF-V Section
  • EE –II C Section II C Section II C Section/ M&C / EK I/AR QPR.
  • Cash Section/Audit / Exam. Store / C.D. Unit
  • Stock File & File Copy

The Trivandrum Observatory was founded in 1838 and had an internationally reputed scientist, John Caldecott FRS as its first Director. It became a part of the Travancore University, but for some time was administered as a independent government institution. It is now the oldest institution under the Kerala University. The University of Travancore was established in 1937 by a promulgation of the Maharajah of Travancore, Sri Chithira Thirunal Balarama Varma who was also the first Chancellor of the University. Sir C. P Ramaswamy Ayyar, the then Diwan (Prime minister) of the State was the first Vice-Chancellor. He was an eminent scholar and an able administrator. It is said the Government made an unsuccessful attempt to invite Albert Einstein to be the first Vice-Chancellor. The University was modelled after the best Universities of the United Kingdom, and even today retains some of these features. The affiliating system of the University however evolved to be different from the college system in British Universities.The University has over 150 affiliated colleges. The role of the University is in prescribing courses of study and conducting examinations and issuing certificates. The day-to-day administration of these institutions is not under the purview of the University. However, these institutions form a major part of the University. Of these 60 are Arts and Science colleges. There are 2 Law colleges, 17 Engineering Colleges, 9 MBA/MCA Colleges, 37 Teacher Training Colleges, 4 Medical Colleges, 4 Ayurveda colleges, 2 Homeopathy Colleges, one Siddha Medical College, 3 Dental colleges, 10 Nursing Colleges, 4 Pharmacy Colleges, 2 Fine Arts Colleges, and a Music College. The University also has a National College of Physical Education affiliated to it. The total number of students in these colleges crosses 84,000.

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