AIET PhD- 2017 Entrance Test(DPU)-Pune

Dr D Y Patil Vidyapeeth, Pune
Date of Entrance Test: 07th October, 2017
Email id:

Science and Research:
Definition – History – Evolution of Scientific Inquiry, Scientific Research: Definition, Characteristics, types, need of research. Identification of the problem, assessing the status of the problem, formulating the objectives, preparing design (experimental or otherwise), Actual investigation.

Research Methodologyl:
Meaning and importance of Research – Types of Research – Selection and formulation of Research Problem Research Design – Need – Features – Inductive, Deductive and Development of models Developing a Research Plan – Exploration, Description, Diagnosis, Experimentation, Determining Experimental and Sample Designs. Analysis of Literature Review – Primary and Secondary Sources, Web sources critical Literature Review

Data Collection and Analysis:
Sources of Data – Primary, Secondary and Teritary – Types of Data – Categorical, nominal & Ordinal. Methods of Collecting Data : Observation, field investigations, Direct studies  Reports, Records or Experimental observations.

  • Note:
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