Third Semester B.Tech. (2008 Scheme – Mercy Chance up to 2006 Admission) Degree Examination

Ref : U.O.No Ac.AIII/4/B.Tech/MC/2017dated 15.09.2017

It is hereby notified for the information of all concerned that the University has granted a Mercy Chance examination for the failed candidates of B.Tech. Degree course up to 2006 admissions as per reference. The candidates those who wish to appear for the examination should submit their application along with the prescribed fees to the University Office fee for the Third Semester Third Semester B.Tech. B.Tech.(2008 Scheme (2008 Scheme (2008 Scheme –Mercy Chance Mercy Chance Mercy Chance –up to 2006 admissions) up to 2006 admissions) up to 2006 admissions)Degree Examination, October 2017 Examination, October 2017 , October 2017 is as follows:

Last date for submitting application in the University Office:
20th October, 2017

Detailed Time Table will be published in the University Office, Information Centres, Examination Centres and in the University Web site. Candidates registering for the Mercy chance examination should remit Rs. 2000/- towards Mercy Chance fee and CV Camp fee at the rate of Rs. 50/- per paper subject to a maximum of Rs. 200/- in addition to the normal Examination fee.  The candidates should submit the details regarding the year of admission, Register number/Month & year of previous appearances and the names of the subject of the parent scheme for which the candidate intends to appear under transitory provision along with the application form and prescribed fee.

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  • The P.R.O./Reception Officer.
  • The Principals.
  • P.S to V.C./P.V.C.
  • P.A. to C.E /Registrar / F.O.
  • J.R Exams./DR VI Exams/ AR B.Tech./AR-ECL
  • IT Cell/Tabulation Sections
  • M&C/EB IV Section
  • Cash Section/Audit / Exam. Store
  • Stock File & File Copy

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