T.D.L.College of Technology & Management,Lucknow

T.D.L.College of Technology & Management
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TDL is not just a institution which will impart world class education ,but an experience where everyone associated is part of a dream a mission to see that our Nation becomes a Superpower .
This institution will groom young future leaders to be complete ,value -driven human beings and competent professionals with a deep passion for the nation .These will be the people who will lead the world.
We at TDL have tried our best to provide you–
1. A hi-tech environment that constantly exposes you to the latest technology in the world and utilizes the latest learning techniques.
2. An institution that works hand-in-hand with the corporate world so that tomorrow, you are fully equipped to handle any challenge in the real – life corporate situation.
3. An institution that has an international perspective and partnerships to open up for you global opportunities in today’s borderless world.

To bulid core management comprtencies among the technically competent graduates to own and manage sustainable enterprises /enterpreneurship
To develop entrepreneurial spirit ,skills and competencies among the students .
Faculty who are dedicated ,hard working and passionate towards your success and who can be role models for you .
To mould a new breed of globally competitive and socially committed managers capacble of owning and operating
enterprises effectively by imparting value based education in a tech savvy environment.
To bulid and sustain a unique management institute of international repute capable of churning out a new breed of managers Kindled with fire and endowed with state -of-the -art management knowledge and competencies to serve the nation devoutly in a climate the fosters personal and group creativity and excellence .
B.T.C (Basic Training Certificate):
The Importance of teaching is nowhere more apparent than in Indian culture where teachers are given significant importance. Teaching is one of the noblest professions. Apart from this, teachers play a major role in shaping the future youth of the nation. They play a hugely influential role in the lives of young kids. Considering the responsibilities associated with this job, one must be abundantly trained for this job. Eligibility criterion for these courses is diverse and the minimum qualifications vary from 10th pass to 12th pass and under graduation in various disciplines. Government and private schools, colleges, research institutes and publishing houses are some of the organizations that constantly seek services of teachers. There are several universities and private institutes offering basic training certification courses.
Placement Cell:
The institute provide its students learning /training schedule and assistance which ensures their absorption in the institute and industry of their choice .Regular seminars and interaction between students and renowned companies are to be organized to acquaint the students with the right approach to nag the opportunities Industrialists visiting the institute for indentifying talents is a regular feature .
The Focused Learning Space
01. The spacious ,amphitheatre style classrooms will provide the most conducive atmosphere for dynamic and focused disussions
02.They have been designed to bring together analysis with action and augmented with integrated audio-visual teaching aids for lectures,presentations etc.
03. Most classrooms are centrally air conditioned to create the right atmosphere for long hours of learning.
The knowledge Resource Centre
01.The library at TDL is more like integrated knowledge Resource Centre that are stocked with over 30,000 books in total,periodicals, references, national and international journals ,CD -ROMs covering all aspects of academic studies and research material TDL is also a member of the British Council Library.
02. Our specialist staff will always be there to help you with quick references.
Computing Facilities:
01.TDL campus have state-of-the-art computer centers that provide computing facilities comprising of the latest HP machines linked to a wide range of software ,communication and print services.
02. Latest software like SAS,PROWESS ORACLE etc are used to enable work on data analysis ,web technologies and software designing .
03.The Intranet enables close on-line interaction between faculty and students for online interaction .
Syndicate Rooms:
Arenas for cultivating team spirit
The syndicate rooms provide a perfect setting for you to master team skills through exercises like brain-storming sessions ,group discussions, role plays etc.
Residential Accommodation:
1.At TDL, you will be among the many students coming from all across the country to live in tdl residences. which come closet to being a home away from home.
2.The separate facilities for boys and girls,caring wardens and a tight security ensure a pleasant stay allowing students to focus on their academics.
whilst internet access and STD facilities ensure close contact with Family and friends outside, the common rooms are fully equipped with TV,indoor games and other recreation facilities.
A platform of interface
01.TDL provide state-of-art auditoriums that act as a common ground students, faculty and corporate personalities for regular interfaces conferences and other events.
02.At these platforms,you will come across various global thought leaders,academic gurus, corporate heads,sharing their corporate experiences with you.
03.For events of a smaller scale ,the Seminar Halls,equipped with advanced presentation tools, are the ideal venue.
Medical Facility:
Caring for you,all along the way
1.to ensure your well being,TDL campuses have tie ups with renowned groups of hospitals to take care of any emergency,whatsoever.
2.At TDL,you will be covered by a comprehensive medical insurance to meet all kinds of exigencies.
Sports Facilities:
Developing Agile Leaders
The industry today seeks not just knowledge workers,but action oriented leaders who adapt to changing situations with ease-
At TDL, the Infrastructure has been designed with exceptional faccilities for sports as well as recreational activities to ensure that you are groomed to become just that Aerass campuses, TDL has top sports facilities including: Athletics – Basketball
Boxing – Cricket – Volleyball
Football – Hockey,etc
Forging life-long friends ,leisurely
01.What you eat is what you are!A healthy mind can only reside in a healthy body We,at TDL, understand .Hence,cafeteria have menus that are designed by a team of professional dieticians,comprising nutritious and wholesome food to ensure a well-balanced diet .
02.Fresh fruit juices,milkshakes ,icecreams sundaes and even midnight snacks are available in these cafeteria for those energy boosts.
Core Faculty:
01.At TDL,the core faculty comprises distinguished academicians from the corporate world with rich industry experience
02.TDL has some of the senior -most academicians as part of the team including eleven former Vice Chancellors from Universities GMs and PSU,etc.
03.Not only are the faculty academically amongst the best ,but have high standards of moral and ethical values so that they can be true role models.
Visiting Faculty:
Having Achieved prominence in their respective fields ,the visiting faculty give the students a different insight into the subject with the experience they have gained in the industry .They encourage the students to look beyond the books and explore the subject with experience they have gained in the industry.They encourage the students to look beyond the books and explore the subject with experiential learning.

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