Armed Forces Medical College

imagesArmed Forces Medical College
Pune, Maharashtra

Armed Forces Medical College is a premier medical institute of India acknowledged as a centre of excellence for education and research. The college provides training to under-graduate and post-graduate medical and nursing students with assured career prospects in the defence services.
The institute was set up on 01 May 1948 by an act of parliament of India on the recommendations of the BC Roy Committee by the amalgamation of various defence medical organizations. The “Graduate Wing” of AFMC was established on 04 August 1962 to provide a sustainable and steady intake of medical officers for the Indian Armed Forces. The institute is presently affiliated to the Maharashtra University of Health Sciences and is recognized by the MCI for conducting undergraduate and various post graduate medical courses

Course Offered:
BSc Nursing:
Admission Procedure:
The course commences in the month of Aug. Advertisements for recruitment appear in the leading news papers of the country in the month of Oct/ Dec every year, both for B Sc & GNM courses. Candidates are required to submit their application forms in the prescribed format, along with other necessary documents mentioned therein.
The candidate must be an Indian National (age- 17 to 25 yrs)

Post Graduate Course:

  • MSc
  • MD
  • MD / MS
  • MS

Super Speciality Course:
The vacancies for the Super Specality course is available to service officers only. However, any unutilized vacancy is available to civilians. The selection for filling these vacancies is based on an entrance examination. The Information about the entrance examination will be uploaded in this page as soon as it is advertised in news papers.

  • Cardiology


  • Cardio Thoracic
  • Surgery 3
  • Neuro Surgery
  • Paediatric Surgery –
  • Plastic Surgery 3


  • Pathology

Armed Forces Medical College, Pune is a premier medical institution in India. AFMC has the distinction of being the first medical college set up by the Armed Forces of any country in Asia. The college is a unique institution which combines medical education with training specific to the health care needs of the Armed Forces. AFMC has been consistently rated among the top three medical colleges in India by surveys published by reputed newsmagazines for the past decade. It has received accreditation from NAAC with ‘A’ Grading and during re-accreditation carried out recently has been awarded cumulative grade point average of 3.51 out of a maximum 4, which was the highest ever awarded to any institution in India, till that time.

Armed Forces Medical College was established on 01 May 1948. The institution conducts training of medical undergraduates and post-graduates, nursing undergraduates and post-graduates, dental postgraduates and paramedical staff. Patient care forms an integral part of the training curriculum and the affiliated hospitals utilise the expertise available at AFMC. The institution is responsible for providing the entire pool of specialists and super specialists to Armed Forces by giving them in-service training. Thus AFMC forms the backbone of high quality professional medical care being provided to the Armed Forces.

The AFMC Crest
“Within a lotus wreath, surmounted by the Ashokan lions, the rod ofAesculapaeus the serpent intertwined”
The snake has been symbolically associated with the medical profession, since the dawn of civilization. Its origin can be traced in the mythology of the Greek who regarded it as a symbol of wisdom, virility and eternity. The snake was carried by Apollo and Mercury around a rod. In the form depicted in the crest, intertwined around a staff, it was carried by Aesculapaeus, the greek god of health and healing.
The same symbol is also found in Indian mythology. The staff is here called the “Brahmadanda”, the stick of Lord Brahma. The two snakes symbolize “Kundalini”, the fire of eternity. It was natural for the eternal symbol of the science of healing to occupy its place in the crest of Armed Forces Medical College.

The Patron of AFMC – Dhanvantari
TO symbolize our search for perfection in the arts of medicine and our desire for universal healing, a patron was selected. The celestial healer, “Dhanvantari” was adopted as the patron of this college and it is to him that the college is dedicated. His creation is detailed in the ancient myth Samudramanthan , which tells of the churning of the cosmic ocean from which first arose “Surabhi”, the marvelous cow, mother and nurse of all living things. Then came “Varini” – the goddess of wine, “Parijata” the tree of paradise and the “Apsaras” with their enchanting grace and beauty. Next appeared the moon which “Shiva” grasped, followed by the emergence of “Lakshmi” the goddess of fortune.

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