Khun Khunji Girls PG College

Khun Khunji Girls PG College
Chowk, Lucknow-226003

In addition to these of Luck now city. Its Foundation was materialized in the year of 1931 by the women education conscious Rai Bahadur Shri HariKishan Das Khun-Khun ji: in the name of Khun –Khun ji Anglo-Vernacular Girls middle school. this degree college is the developed further extension of the transition shri Krishna Das Khun-Khun ji payed his contribution in the furthering of his father’s determination with his Endeavour khun-khunji girls attend the status of high school in 1950;and an intermediate college in 1959 the college was recognized by the luck now university for carrying on the courses in B.A. and in 1974 B.Ed. under the faculty of Ecucation.the subject of Education is also taught at M.A level since 1994.

The little sapling of Khun-Khun ji Girls College under the process of gradual process has rooted itself into Khun-Khun ji girls P.G. College. Our institute has now today been existing in the form of two degree college. Our second institute runs as Khun-Khun ji inter college.

B.A General
B.A Self Financed
B-Ed General
M.A Self Financed

The central library:
The library is the intelligential lab of the educational programmers. It has an important role in the educational life of each student. For completion of this duty the degree college has a vast lab with a collection of 9000 books issued from the library. There is also a recreafory connected with the library where they can read books, magazines, and newspapers while at leisure.

Book Bank:
The degree college has a book bank issuing books as per rule for the whole session for the weak and backward students. The book bank of the degree college maintains sufficient number of text books. Students are advised for their proper use

For the experiments in to various imperial subjects the college has the following laboratories,
psychological lab
psycoeducational lab
techno educational lab
brief scientific lab

National Service programme:
National service program is a voluntary schematic program sponsored by the youth welfare and sports ministry under the government of India. The program aims at the development of the personality and social conscious of the students.

The degree college has two units for national service. Each unit registered 100 students. Even registered girl is supposed to pay 120 hours of social service throughout an academic session. On the completion of 240 hours of social service during a two years time a girls students is conferred certificate by the Lucknow University. the benefits of which is availed to a girls at the time of entry into higher classes as well as commercial institute.

Sanghini Sabha:
This is self asserted body of the students. Each girl’s student enrolling in the University is its member. Students assemble the executive body of the Sanghini Sabha by the selecting the right candidate officers from amongst themselves in order to develop the abilities of democratic leadership, a good citizen, discipline for various responsibility. Selection of the executive body os made under ages of proctorial board teachers.

Sportive Program:
There is rule for the indoor and the out door games in the college for the mental and physical progress of the students laced with entertainment in recess time. for this are eligible and trained teachers available in the college

Badminton, Vollyball, Kho-Kho, Kabaddi, Rassikood, Athletics etc.

Carrom, Chess etc.:
For practice to the above are a games room and field in the college.

Aids Conscious Body:
Starting under consideration from the inceptions of the new academic year.

Canceller and Fixative Body:
Under this programmed during the admission B.A previous and B.A final students are given guidance for right choice of subjects.concomittantly through the whole session students are provided guidance connected with a number of subject. Difficulties of the students and their right solutions are also tried at. Available emplacement is also informed to the girls as under their eligibility.

Prayer Assembly:
The daily procedure of the college starts with prayer assembly. every students presence is mandatory. Through prayers students obtain unity and moral values. through this assembly and by the exhortation of the principal students gain the true value of duty boundness,honesty,truth,service,self reliance, hygienic morals,discipline,sacrifiece,industriouness,continueous trial, natural conservation, patience and self control. So as to help them grow properly.

Cultural and Library Program:
Debates, oral skills, essay writing, singing, dancing, handicraft, poster slogan, henna, rangoli, fancy dress, flower decoration and G.K. competition are held in the degree college probably in the second and third week of the month of December.

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