Sixth Semester MCA (2011 Scheme – Regular & Supplementary) Degree Examination



It is hereby notified for the information of all concerned that the last dates for online registration along with the prescribed fee for the SixthSemester Semester Semester MCA (2011 Scheme – (2011 Scheme – Regular Regular Regular & Supplementary) & Supplementary) & Supplementary) Degree Examination Degree Examination Degree Examination, September September September 2017 is as detailed below:

Date of Commencement of Examination:
15th September, 2017

Detailed Time Table will be published in the University Office, Information Centres, Examination Centres and in the University Web site. Regular candidates registering for the examination should remit a fee of Rs.230/- (CV Camp fee of Rs.200/- and online registration fee of Rs.30/-) in addition to the normal examination fee. Supplementary candidates registering for the examination should remit a fee of Rs.280/- (CV Camp fee of Rs.200/-, supplementary registration fee of Rs.50/- and online registration fee of Rs.30/-) in addition to the normal examination fee.

Copy to:

  • The P.R.O./Reception Officer.
  • The Principals
  • P.S to V.C./P.V.C.
  • P.A. to C.E / Registrar / F.O.
  • J.R Exams./D.R Exams/AR Exams
  • IT Cell/ EF V Section
  • EE II B EE II BSection/ Section/ Section/M&C/EK I/EB IV Section
  • Form Section/ Cash Section/Central Tapal
  • Stock File & File Copy.

The Co-ordinator of the National Service Scheme Programme and the Director of the Student Services organize youth welfare activities with the active co-operation of the University Students’ Union. The University bagged the Indira Gandhi National Award for the best NSS activities in 2005. Department of Physical Education of the University nurtures sports among students. It has gifted to the country outstanding sportsmen and women. The University stadium in the heart of the city has a world-class synthetic track. The University has a Main Library built in … near its city campus and caters to all students, staff and public. In addition to this Karyavattom campus has a Campus Library. Department libraries and College libraries complete the information service to students.The University Computer Centre, which has a long history (back to the use of a Czech made Electro-Mechanical Computer Arithma in 1950s and Core-Memory based IBMs and Indian made TDC in 1970s), today spearheads the University’s e-Governance initiatives. Computing support for research is no longer centralised, with the advent of affordable desk-top computing power. The University ’s main campus in Karyavattom is firmly connected to the cyber highway with broad-band connection flowing into hundreds of computers. The university web site has also evolved since 2000 to become an indispensable cyber forum that connects the university community and serves information to all stake holders.

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